Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Critters and Such

Well, it's another beautiful day in Oregon. Thankfully alot cooler than it was during BS. I am finally getting organized. It takes a while after a show for me to get it all back together. I hope that you are ready for more critter pictures. These come via Denise and they are cute as can be. I just love having these little guys for you to look at.

I got word from Lisa Souza she's at Convergence all set up and ready for action. I just hope that she has as much fun as we did at Black Sheep....and makes tons of money. It costs like heck to drive all the way across to the middle of the country. She did it so that she could meet up with lots of the Fiber Traditions folks that live in
that part of the country and have supported in her
creative endeavors. I would imagine that there
will be plenty of folks that will be glad to see
her and her amazing yarns. Rod, her husband is a great guy and those of you that get a chance to meet both of them are very lucky indeed!!
We mailed her out some orifice hooks, shawl pins and buttons to have in her booth. However, she has a pretty good stash of my buttons all on her own.

The kids had such a great time at BS. Obviously both the human kids and the four legged kind. We all need love!!

I really love these pictures Denise....Thank you for sending them for me to put onto my blog!

I enjoyed getting all of the comments from my
blog. Thanks so much.

We are making some new orifice hooks and I hope to have them photographed and up on the site in the next few days....if I can drag myself away from spinning the mohair roving that I purchased from Gayle Schildt, ie....Bear Dog Yarns. I got some at BS and wish that I had gotten more. It's fantastic to spin....and a very groovy colorway......YUMM!!

I have some other people pictures to post, but for today I will leave you with these wonderful animals of the Black Sheep Gathering.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Too Much Fun!!!

This is an official Black Sheep, isn't he the cutest thing? He knows that he is representing his breed at this amazing event. It was hotter than HELL and he is still smiling. Now that's an accomplishment!!!!

We had record breaking heat here in Oregon. Last night on our way home the temperature in Cottage Grove was 99 and it was 8 at night. These animals were real troopers and I was glad to see them traveling back to their cool pastures!!

We had such an amazingly good time this weekend!!

What a great woman Barb is!!! I feel very privileged to have her in my life. She's a mentor, a lovey and a happy being. Not to mention the most diplomatic person....in the world....I would chose to emulate the qualities of this terrific lady!!!!!

Look it's Tina with her her hair up and the new hairsticks that look so pretty in her hair. She and Barb traveled all the way from Seattle to spend the weekend here with us at Black Sheep. I cannot tell you how delightful she is!

Here is the best picture that we could take of Denise. She's much prettier than this! This little ball of fire is inspiring...wait until you see her new knitting cards....there is a perfect one for every knitter that you know. She brought some prototypes with her & everyone who saw them were laughing! She's already got places......stores...... that WANT them!! Yahoo!! Good work Denise ;)

Here are Holly O and Orion....Mother and Daughter, each a delight to share time with!
Orion started her first sock on the trip and was busy with it most of the time......she knits like the wind, Holly is teaching her the toe up method. I got to look over Holly's shoulder as she patiently explained to Orion how to pick up a dropped stitch, without a crochet hook. It was such a great way to do it.....that I am just hoping I can remember. Luckily Holly said that she'd be at OFFF, just in case I need another tutorial.

Jessica spent most of her time spinning....and rightly so, she is awesome with a wheel!!

Marti was always working on something. Walking and knitting and or sitting and spinning. She is a very industrious, gentle woman.

I brought my wheel in on Saturday and pretended to spin with them for a while, but they are ALL a hard act to follow!! Finally I just sat in Awe! Hoping that some of their magic would rub off onto ME.....what are the chances?
The spinning circle was close to our booth and they would run into the booth and buy some of Lisa Souza's roving.....then beat it back to their wheels. It was great to have Lisa be here too....in spirit and roving. Maybe next year we can talk Lisa and Rod into joining us in Eugene.
They are flying across America onward to Convergence.

Good buddies Terri and Karen traveled from Seattle as well. You can tell, they really enjoy each other & life.

A group of us had dinner together on Saturday night. We all went to our favorite thai restaurant in Eugene and had a chance to sit and visit for a while. As I sat at the end of the table and looked across at these people that I basically just met and yet felt so close to I realized how blessed I am. All of these new additions to our family are Very Special to me.

I didn't whine...too much...when everyone took off for Seattle...Only because I get to see them again at OFFF this coming Fall in Portland....Otherwise.....

This is the award winner from the sweater competition and.....guess what....it has a Sheila Ernst button on it!! Does this mean I'm an award winner too? It sure makes me feel like one. ;)
All this....and heaven too!!

AND NOW......... I leave you with a few pictures of the critters that joined us at Black Sheep this year.

1. Curley 2. Moe 3. Evil bunnies in cage
4. A pretty face 5. Old Blue eyes...formerly known as Frank

Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday at Black Sheep

We had a wonderful sunny day to welcome in Blacksheep this year. We live 45 miles from Eugene so we had to head out at about 7am to get there and finish setting up. The drive in was exquisite. Bright blue sky, green summer growth everywhere. It was a joy.....especially with a fresh hot cup of joe in my hand and Michael driving!! We almost got set up by 10 and here everyone came.

This is my friend Alice who came all the way from the San Franciso, to attend the Black Sheep Gathering this year. There she lovingly takes care of her twin grandchildren and.....yes, at 75 she can still keep up with them.

Jen showed up from Seattle with her wonderful Mom who came all the way from Maryland. It was so good to see their lovely faces and to get Hugs from them. We got a chance to visit for a while before they ran off to load their car with all sorts of great things that they got at the show. That's my husband Michael in the middle, enjoying being a leaf between two roses.

These are the two teams who were competing in this years Sheep to Shawl contest. It was amazing to think that a beautiful shawl could be made in less than one day....but they did it. By two in the afternoon the judging had been finished and the winner was announced. Both of the shawls are diplayed and I will attempt to get photos of both of them tomorrow. Everyone who participated had a great time.

The lovely Becky teaching silk fusion. She is a very creative artisan who has won numerous awards for her crafts.

Well that's it for this session. There was much more fun and things that I could tell you about today....but it's late and I must rest my weary bones.
And tomorrow is another BS day.....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yummy new Don't Drop Spindle

Another day, another blog posting ;) . See the beautiful new "Don't Drop Spindle" that Michael made? Isn't it lovely!
I thought that before I take it off to the Black Sheep Gathering I would let you have a look.
I know these ARE made of glass....but OH how special to have. It is a piece of ART for the spinner who loves both Spinning and Art in their lives......and it works!!

We are almost packed and out the door! It's suppose to be 90 degrees today.....I am asking the powers that be to have mercy on us and keep it down around 80....we'll see just how much pull I have. Keep good thoughts for us. Set-up is a process that could use some COOL!

Our daughter lives in Eugene and we are planning a get together with she and her beau this evening. It could be a really great weekend and I am going to just assume that it's gonna be that way. I will keep you all posted!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shawl pins

Thought that I would let you see the new, improved ;) shawl pins ($30.00 each). We make them using rosewood or ebony for the pin shaft. I am really pleased with them and they will be with us at Black Sheep Gathering and then off to Convergence with Lisa Souza Tilt-a-whirl
Wish that I was there to play and greet and meet. I know that all of you will have a great time with her and at the show.
We are doing the final "getting it together" for Black Sheep, packing will begin soon and then tomorrow off to set-up.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting ready for BS

Well, we are getting our act together for the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene Oregon this weekend. Eugene is about 45 miles from where we live so unlike many shows we will be able to come home to sleep. Michael and I both appreciate that! Motel rooms just don't do it after you turn 13.
I am going to be taking pictures of the events, animals and friends that will be at BS . I am looking forward to the fair. People from near and far come here. The people who run it are nice, the vendors are awesome and as I have heard alot of others say, "it's nice to get to see the animals." They house the sheep, goats, bunnies and other animals in the building right next to the show.

This is my Caramel Rose Button...brand new and my favorite...for today atleast.
I must go now and glue and such.....Busy, busy....

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Up and Running

Hi out there....which is anywhere beside just outside Drain Oregon. It's a bright sunny day here, the birds are singing, cats are whining for food and I am excited about my new blog! Sitting in front of the computer instead of out in the barn making glass.......which is what I should be doing. Ah well...life goes on.
The main reason I decided to do a blog is so that I can post new pictures & info of the "hot out of the kiln" glass that we are doing. That way you can comment or put your dibs on something that you see, especially while our wonderful web mistress Holly
goes on vacation. Our new "one of a kind" Orifice Hooks can be viewed on this blog until she returns.
OH look here's some new Orifice Hooks now:

Orifice Hook #32............$45.00

Orifice Hook #43............$45.00

To reserve one of these,you can contact us through our email: smernst@glasspens.com

Take a look at our web-site www.glasspens.com