Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Goody Goody

Look what was in the mail when we got home from Fabulous Fiber. This is the first finished work that has been made....and I've gotten my hands on...with our new circular needles. It was made by Alison Hyde
The yarn is a baby alpaca/silk yarn that Lisa Souza dyed especially for her. Thanks so much Alison! It definitely will be an addition to my show clothing.
Be sure and check out their websites!!

Now.....we just went through all of the needles that we have left from the shows. I am offering them on the blog. If you would like a specific pair let us know which ones and we will quick like a bunny mail them off to you.
The needles are all $25.00, except colorless needles (plus $3.00 s/h US).

These are the size 5 US (approx 3.75mm)
Reading from left to right:
1. Triple passion
2. Aqua Azul
3. Crayon Yellow
4. Rose
5. Ruby

These are size 6 US (approx. 4mm)
Reading from left to right:
1. Dark Cobalt
2. Rose
3. Dark Cobalt....again
4. Aqua Azul

Size 8 US (5mm)
1. Skyline Blue
2. Dark Periwinkle
3. Silver Indigo
4. Rose
5. Clear ($20)
6. Cherrywood

Size 9 US (5.5mm)
1. Skyline
2. Transparent Olive Green

Size 10 US (6mm)
1. Cobalt

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

There & Home Again

We did it!! Yippee!! All the way down to Santa Monica California and home again!!
We had a fantastic time at the Fabulous Fiber Festival.
I got home from the Stitches Mid-west show at about 2pm on Tuesday, washed clothes, slept in my own bed...Ahhh!...and then back in the car on Wednesday morning for the very fast truck down to my old stomping grounds!! I must admit that a part of my heart resides in that part of the world.
We drove 13 hours on Wednesday, fell over to sleep and then back into the van for the 4 hour drive that got us into Santa Monica. Then we set up. It was a JOB!!
Well worth the effort! Looked good when we got done and we went to the Hotel happy ;) Got a good nights sleep and up for work.
Trish Andersen had her beautiful handspun yarns in our booth as well and their beauty was an added plus.

The weekend was a success in all of the ways that I measure a show. We were blessed with great "booth neighbors", patrons were happy to see us......the new circulars were a raving success, all of our work was well received, the weather was just perfect and there were many many pieces of "eye candy" to drool over... Incredible quilts hung everywhere.
We got to meet with friends, both old and new!

This is Myra Woods (on the left) and her mine too ;) Dawn. Myra made the exquisite necklace that she is wearing and I am very pleased to say she used my cabachons in it. She said that they inspired her to make the piece which is going to be featured in Belle Amoire soon....gosh how lucky am I? I Love Myra!!
Dawn is a wonderful, down to earth gal who is a baby and child acting coach. She is a delight......she coached the babies and children in Limeny Snicket. Look at the coats that they are wearing. They were done by 72 different artists and put together by none other than Prudence Mapstone......I am pleased to say she owns one of our crochet hooks.

Wonderful Leslie Yee Murata. Wow what a sweetheart she is!! She does the most wonderful jewelry.....and she traded buttons for a beautiful necklace that I will cherish and wear and remember how much I enjoyed being across from Leslie for this weekend. Her energy was amazing!! Thanks Leslie for being there.

Now I will show you my two favorite lace shawls that were on display at the show. OH......if only!!!!

This young lady is Joey. She spent most of the three days of the show at her Journey Wheel. She was just happy to be spinning. She was a joy to watch and to contemplate how far she will go in her lifetime.

We were graced to be in the presence of both John Pitblado and David Larson, who spin and teach and are wonderful people to watch and learn from!!

There were critters there as well. They calmed me and added a grace to the show. I loved watching the people and their reactions to seeing these wonderful creatures in the city.
The "bunny man" was a kind and gentle soul who loved and honored these angora bunnies. They responded to him and his soothing touch in an amazing way. They weren't afraid even when they were being brushed with 20 people surrounding them.

The Alpacas made all of us want to take them home! This baby was still being bottle fed. He would look around for his "mother" whenever anyone came by. I learned that you must have atleast two alpacas because they pine for another when alone.

This only touches the hem of all the amazing things that happened over this weekend. It was an adventure and ALOT of fun!! We are back at work now, filling orders and getting ready for the next show that comes our way.....that's OFFF which is coming up in September.

This week I will be working on the website, putting up the new circular needles and letting everyone know here, or there, what we have in sizes and colors that you can order.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back and Gone

I had a wonderful time at Stitches Midwest, sold ALL (don't worry, Michael
was home making MORE) of the new needles and got rave reviews from Rick
Mondragon, the editor of Knitter's Magazine.
Thanks to Vicki and Melissa for
hanging out with me this weekend. It was a blast, you guys. We were so busy
that I didn't get a chance to take pictures but promise to do better at this
weekend's show (Fabulous Fiber Fest in Santa Monica). Yup, home and then
gone again but at least I can knit in the van hurtling down I 5! If you are
in the Los Angeles area, come on down to the Civic Auditorium in Santa

We will get the needles up on the website when we get back to Oregon.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Head 'em up & move 'em out!!

It has been a very busy week here at Chez Ernst. We are getting ready to do the Stitches Mid-West show this coming weekend in Chicago......Then,
I arrive at home after the Chicago show on Monday evening and leave on Wednesday to drive down to Santa Monica, CA to do the Fabulous Fiber Fest.
Alot of work has gone into getting ready for these two shows.

We have created a brand new product. Glass circular knitting needles. They are a Dream to work with!! Not to mention Beeeutiful!!! I have been making one of Sivia Harding's Diamond Fantasy Shawls with them and, as a knitter, I am in love with them!!!
They will be very reasonably priced at $20.00 a set.
They haven't gone up on the Website as of yet so you will have to contact us through the blog if you want to be the first on your block to own your own set.

I am going to be sharing the booth (#1011) with Trish Andersen. She's a wonderful hand-spinner and a lovely traveling companion. I do hope those of you that will be coming to Stitches Mid-West will come by and say hello.

Michael and I will be at the Fabulous Fiber Fest. You will have to ask at the door for the location of our booth.

I am looking forward to both of these shows. It is always a pleasure to get to spend time with the wonderful people who come, both customers and vendors.

I scored this week when a package arrived from Lisa Souza with this incredible bundle of yummy yarn inside. Wow, it's great to have friends!! Thanks Lisa! ;) I am going to make a very large felted bag out of could be a suitcase, who knows. I wish that I had it done already!!

Also made a felted purse this week, well I finished it. It's the Barley Twist Bag from Holly's felted bags. You can see it at the shows. It's Very Cute!!

I leave you with a Tiger Lily from our garden. They are one of my very favorite summer flowers!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful two weeks. I will be thinking of you, taking picture for my blog and having a hell of a good time. Thanks to all of you that write comments. I love hearing from you. Take good care of yourselves and enjoy Summer.