Friday, August 22, 2008

Hey Peaches...

I Love Summer!!

We had 3 days of Winter was Yuck!...Although the ground loved the rain...and it was nice to have a few cooler days.....but....
The temperature dropped 40 degrees during the same 1 day....Yikkes!!

It was SO Swell to see the Sun & Blue skies today...I was beside myself with Joy & Glee....

On Wednesday Michael & I went into Eugene for know Costco...the Trader's.....the staples of life.

We Also went out to past a small town called Junction City..just north of get French doors that we found on Craig's list....for our barn. It didn't rain on us during all the important parts of the when we were outside.....Great-fully ;)

After we got done taking the French doors apart and placing them into the van....we were driving back & I happened to see a sign that said....*Peaches*...I pulled right into the drive-way...couldn't help myself ;)

HEY...wanna come to our house for dessert?
Peach Cobbler Anyone?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

When Angels Fly In

We had a Wonderful visit from Beautiful Trish (of Tangelwood Fiber Creations). We got to have her for a Short...& Sweet visit....It's Never Long Enough!...I got to have her ALL to myself....What a Joy!
She's a Very Special Person.....& a Very Great Friend!!

AND LOOK.....on top of having her grace us with her presence (& I'm not just a whistling Dixie here)....she brought me a Present.
It's a skein of Handspun...Super-wash Merino in the "Northwest Winter" .....YUMMMM!

After much talk, a good dinner (*made by Michael*)...a much needed nights rest....breakfast (*lovely Scottish Oatmeal...brought & made by Trish*...again Yumm!)...more talking....& a photo which I look like less than you can see.....

It was time to kiss my Sweet Friend good-bye & send her on to her next *Fly By*...
But I know.....It is Always Grand to have My Angels Around!

Thanks Trish for taking the time to *Fly By* Me ;)

She's on her way to Petaluma.....hey...what is a Luma anyhoo?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Home Again...jiggity jig

Every so often a Mother (namely Me) gets the chance to have her children home. This past week was such an Event!....I'm pleased to say!!

Jennyrose & Kate came for a visit!
Jennyrose all the way from Brooklyn, NY & Kate all the way from Eugene (which it seems is farther away than it use to be!).
We got to spend a day and a half with Kate, 4 blessed days with Jennyrose.
Filled me up with enough love to last me for a....little while.

Reminds me of how very Lucky I am to have experienced all it's complexity.....I....for one, wouldn't have missed it for the world!
Not that I am done with it yet....or ever will be.
It all goes by so quickly.....Michael & I are home..& back to our regularly scheduled routine now...with promises of visits at Thanksgiving time....Something to look forward to!

They go on with their it should be....learning & growing at their own pace...As do We!

They are both my Roses.....
Such Beauties

My Heart overflows with Love for these Blessings in my life!

Thanks Women for Coming Home!!
Your Momma Loves You.