Thursday, May 31, 2007

Onward to Columbus...

Well, here I GO again. I am off to catch the plane to Columbus and our first TNNA show.

Here are the two guard cats that will take care of things...with Michael's help while I am gone. Autumn gave me this wave good-bye...and Coal gave me her fiercest cat eye stare.
Pretty scary huh!

Thanks for all your well wishes for my travels and the show.
I will be in Janel's Chameleon Colorworks booth...with she and Cookie A. Cool Huh!!
It will be great to see them both again.
I plan on taking pictures to show you how it goes at a wholesale show. Hope it's exciting for everyone!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Noshing Around The City

Noshing in Manhattan. OH BOY ;)

We met up with Jennyrose for lovely pastrys & coffee near Union Square. Here are some of the artful delights that were available to us.

Jennyrose went merrily off to work....and we headed for Central Park. The bus and subway systems are excellent in NY. Michael and I preferring to hop the bus so that we could see the sites of the city.
The Park was absolutely's true Springtime in NY is wonderful!

What we really had our hearts set on was Corned Beef & Pastrami sandwiches from Ben Ash Delicatessen on 7th Ave. & 55th St. very near Times Square.
We have visited this establishment before and knew how good their food is. It's spendy but well worth it. They make the best coleslaw that I've ever had and their dill pickles are to die for!!

In order to compensate for the gigantic lunch that we had we walked down to Times Square where....I had to do it.....I knitted a few rows.
See how happy and cute I am...that's what deli food will do for me ;)

We walked and looked around like the tourists that we were.
It was great fun! NY is one of the best cities to site see in!! Around every corner is another amazing site. I tend to love the oddities of NY....the gargoyles, the graffiti, people of all nationalities and proclivities....yes I am one of them on the who doesn't quite fit into any "normal" space.....
Unless a person is willing to walk the city you miss a lot of the Fun of NY.

On our way back to the subway we walked down a street in "The Village". Ballet slippers were thrown up onto the wires above the street...where else but NY.

I thoroughly enjoyed our day and we were exhausted when we got back to Jennyrose's apartment. Very glad to lay around on the bed and rest...and knit!!

Last...but not is our Mother's Day pizza!
Better than a cake in my estimation!
Thanks are delicious!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Rose Grows in Brooklyn

Thursday came was Jennyrose's 24th Birthday. We went to a lovely cafe in the Park Slope district of Brooklyn for breakfast.
I cannot explain how wonderful it was to spend the day with our beautiful daughter. It's the first time, since Jennyrose left home 6 (amazing) years ago!! Lucky, lucky us!!
Good friends, good food, great coffee!!

As I looked across the table at this Sweet and Lovely woman my heart sung! I felt so much Joy that it was almost overwhelming!
This is the baby that I waited so long to have!
This is the woman who has taken off on her own!
This is the person who brings happiness and comfort to those around her.....what a Blessing she is!!
I wish that I could let you hear her's the best!!

After breakfast we took off for the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. As you can see Jennyrose picked the perfect day to have her birthday.

We strolled around the grounds admiring all of the beauty right here in the middle of a noisy city.

There were Roses all around us....& the Cherry trees were in full bloom....Could not imagine a better place to spend a birthday with our daughter!

When we had fully enjoyed the Gardens we went back to JJ's apartment and ate the yummiest cupcakes!

But wait.....after a much needed nap....and more visiting....we had dinner Under the Brooklyn Bridge at the most amazing Italian Restaurant...Pete's Downtown....strolled out onto the landing in front of the restaurant, stuffed to the gills....enjoying the view of Manhattan. This truly was a memorable day and evening.
I love you Jennyrose!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Big Apple Shows Off

We hopped on a train from Baltimore into NY City for a Birthday/Mother's Day visit with our daughter Jennyrose.
New York was definitely at her best. Springtime in New York!! Ahhhhhh!
The train arrived at about 3pm and we took the subway to meet with Jennyrose. Here was the first sighting of our beautiful, almost 24 year old daughter.
We had a lovely visit that evening, catching up on all the happenings in her life....& many Hugs...although I wish I would have tripled them.

The next morning Michael & I decided to take a "walk about" on the island of Manhattan. It was a blast! Our destination point was the Staten Island Ferry. From this free ride you can see Liberty and the beauty of Manhattan. As you can see it was the most beautiful of days with blue skies, no humidity and loads of sunshine.

As we walked down Broadway there was A Lot to see.
Here's the Wall Street Bull in all his glory. He is quite amazing piece of art!

We meandered down to Battery Park which is where we caught the Ferry. It was a very pleasant walk with lots of people and things to see.
Here's one of my favorite signs that we passed! Go figure, I guess everyone wants a deal!

We got on the Ferry to see this beautiful view of
Manhattan. WOW...what a day!

We didn't get right up close to "The Lady" but here Liberty is in all of her glory...guarding and reminding us of what
America stands all our best intentions...Liberty and Justice for ALL!!

I knitted on the Ferry on the way back from Staten Island, putting love and my experiences into my creation. It was a great day! The first of many....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Very Best Ever!! That's Maryland Sheep & Wool

We're Back from the Best Show that we Ever Had!!
Michael and I have been doing shows for the past 24 years....(the first one that we did was when Jennyrose was one week old).
We have done little funky shows all the way up to the American Craft Council...which is the highest ranked art show in the country! We have made A LOT of $$ and we have been, luckily not very often, skunked (no $) at a few....but the Maryland Sheep & Wool show that we just did was Awesome!!
In large part due to the amazing help that we had!! Jackie and Jen are a truly amazing Mother and Daughter team that more than helped us to be able to say this!!
Thank You doesn't EVEN cover it!!
They are truly the BEST!!

I really do not know what we would have done without them!! I am very pleased and happy to know that they had a great time too!!
Can you tell that a good time was had by all?
Janel....of Spindlicity fame (the issue I linked to has an article about Ernst Glass in it ;) great it was to have her in the booth!! Not to mention her amazing yarns and rovings.

The people who come to this show were Wonderful too! It was two days of non stop fun and buying. We were on our toes until the days were over and then we collapsed into big puddles of goo with smiles on our faces, money in our pockets and much gratitude in our hearts!!
We got to visit a little with friends who came by...both old and new...they all had smiles on their faces as well!

The weather couldn't have been better, just cool enough to wear a wrap if one chose to.

Even the four legged critters seemed to have a great time.
Here are some of the many exceptional animals that were a part of it all.

Could they be any cuter?

Thanks to ALL of you that came to this show.....for your support and your smiling faces!
and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this fabulous event!!
We are already looking forward to next year.
We sure hope to see you there!

After the show was over we took the train into NY.....The Great May Adventure continues.