Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Playing Catch Up

Where on Earth does the time go?
Pretend that this is just a day after the last post that I did....'K...
After the Stitches show was packed up...over & done...Jackie and I had a few days to bum around...It was A lot of fun!! I finally got to see Jackie & Ron's new it is in all it's glory...well, not quite...since this photo it's gotten grass & a beautiful tree! The inside is magnificent. They won't get to move in for a few weeks yet...but it's all moving right along.

Here's their tennis court...pretty swanky huh!!
They have an indoor and outdoor pool...TOO!
Can't wait for our next visit ;)

Sooner than I could say New York City I was off to visit Jennyrose and the crew at her house. We had a great time at MOMA (Metropolitan Museum of Art). We ate at Ben Ash's Deli...YUMM!!
We went to the movies....ate at more great restaurants...Visited...and marched around Brooklyn and Manhattan.
I got to visit with our Grand Cats...Chunk and Violet....

Jennyrose..... as you can see..... loves her new cashmere scarf. It was 75 degrees and she still wore it....AHHH!!

Then....all too was time to get back on the train and head back to Baltimore.
I am off to the DDS this morning.....SO....I will continue this again tomorrow....Root Canal Finish Ups Won't Wait!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spent 13 hours yesterday coming back from Baltimore.....with stops in Atlanta, Georgia.....and LA...I think it was LA...couldn't quite tell with all of the smoke....I was quite glad to fly out of there and return to My home in Oregon!! Flew in to Rain and Green!!

Hold on...I'm jumping the gun and need to tell you about the happenings while I was Stitches East 2007...and beyond!!

This was our view while waiting to load into the Convention Center, downtown Baltimore! We waited in line for what seemed like an hour before we got the chance to do our load-in.

Jackie was my Lovely (!!) Assistant and Guardian Angel at the show. WOW how lucky was I!!....*I really must have done something special in a former life to be that blessed!!*

Plus she's the fastest woman on the planet when she gets things done!!

Across from us was the duo of Lisa & Rod Souza....we had many hugs and then got to work. It was great getting to look across and see their smiling faces during the 4 days of the Stitches show. Watching Lisa blow up her new mannikins was a barrel of fun!!

The show was decent and the people who came were great!!
We had awesome neighbors and it was super to have friends (both old and new) surrounding us!!

I missed my Michael but each night I got to go home with Jackie and be the visitor in the bedroom! Sure made it a lot easier to get up and do it all over again the next day!!
I truly thank my Lucky Stars!!....and Ofcourse....well you know ;).....thanks Jackie XOX

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Shuffling Off to Baltimore ;)

Yep!! Going to Baltimore.....Tuesday morning at crack of crack of Dawn....not looking forward to the crack part...but to everything else.....VERY Excited....and Prepared!!
I really enjoy the Stitches East/Baltimore show!!

Flying across the country is a lovely adventure..especially when there is sock knitting involved!! AND...when there is a beautiful Friend waiting on the other side of the baggage claim area with a big smile on her face!!
Can't wait to see Jackie ;)

At the show......right across the isle are Lisa & Rod Souza ;) *We called that one in by asking to be next to each huh!!*
Not that we will be doing much chit chatting....but we can smile and wave!!

The workshop has been all a twitter with activity....there's bunches of new circulars on the way....shawl closures....bamboo knitting needles....buttons......ah a full larder!!

I finished Jennyrose's scarf....thanks Lisa for the help in blocking Rock for so Many Reasons!!
I will be taking it to her in NY after the Stitches East show!
I love that I will be able to spend a few days with our Sweet Girl ;)
And, Of Course I will be filling you...Dear Blog on all of my adventures ;)

Since it's Fall I thought I would tell you a tale about our Darling Autumn....Mouser Extrodinaire.......Last night Her Nibs caught...not 1....not 2....but 3 little mousies!
Now.....I'll give you that they were small....but does that lessen the fact that she caught them....NO, I say.....Plus she got Michael into her words, she's into catch and release!!!
So Michael was down on the floor with Autumn chasing the mousies around the room.... once Michael had the little devil in his hand...was walking toward the door.....and Autumn batted it out......they are going to have fun while I'm gone ;)

You all too I hope.....some of you I will be lucky enough to see at the Stitches show....Can't Wait!!