Monday, June 30, 2008

Better Late than Never!

Our good friend Alexandra of Alexandra's Crafts has come up with her *Lazy Kate Mini*. We were pleased to have them in our booth at Black Sheep.
They are SO beautiful...&...I think that Everyone should have one for their traveling wheel.
It folds up to fit right into most traveling cases.
You Won't Be Sorry....these lovely Kate's are made to last.

I am lucky enough to have 1 of her Minis & 1 of her Larger Kates ;)

Alexandra's website is under construction....but has a contact e-mail address! I know that she will be glad to help you....&....Please tell her I sent yah!

That should put a bee in your bonnet...but in case it doesn't here's a buzzy bee that Maggie (Jen's Lovely Daughter...& Jackie's Grand) drew for grace our refer!....Looks like a Pirate Bee to Me!!

Thanks So Much Maggie.....I will think of you...and the Lovely time that your Mom spent with us...Along with your Friend & Mine....Barb ;)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Too Much Fun.....Nah!!

Another successful Black Sheep Festival !

We are so Blessed to have a Wonderful show so close to Home!
The weekend came & went bringing with it Prosperity & Beautiful Memories!

Check out this Beyond Beautiful sweater that Joan Schrouder has created....I am pleased to be able to say that my buttons are an addition to it's beauty!....& we were very proud to have it adorn our booth....the whole weekend!

We had our same Great neighbors...Right next to us each year are 3 incredible women....Sweet Alicia....her Mom Leza...who raised this amazing girl....and Grand Mother (a real live wire)....her name is either Grandma or Mom....Not sure which. I really enjoy all of's a pleasure to know that we will get a chance to see them each year.

I didn't get too crazy with pictures...No Animal shots....I was having too much fun with Jen & Barb....however I know that you can
check out their blogs in the next few days if you want to see the rest of the show.

We really loved getting the opportunity to have Jen & Barb here with us for the weekend.
I made the most of it as you can see ;)
In case you are wondering....this is one handed spinning...& although I look a bit's only because I was having a Super Great Time!!

Here we are all exhausted from having too much fun together!

Here's Michael wondering where the hell I have gone to & when I will be back!
He was a trooper & even let me stay home on Saturday morning so that I could PLAY with my friends....

There will be more postings later as I have MUCH more to say about this Exquisite time..............but for now....I'm gonna put my feet up and relax...........

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I'm back from was a good show! Hectic but worth going all the way across the country...OK...only a little more than half way ;)
I took pictures on my old camera...but unfortunately didn't find out until I got back home that the soft ware isn't in our computer any more....Frick!

I had a great time with my booth mates...Nancy C from Chameleon Colorworks (also room mate there)....& Cookie A.
We had many visitors as well....Janel Laidman (later on this)...Melissa from Peace of Yarn....Shelli from well as many wonderful customers!!

Saturday was a bustle of activity.....& gratefully loads of interested store owners. Sunday they came back and ordered!! Monday was *meet your neighbor* other words...the store owners were pretty much on their way home.
We broke down the booth at 3pm...said our good-byes to friends and went back to the Hotel and packed up for our trips home.
Tuesday I was in transit for 11 hours & boy was I glad to be home again!! Tired and Happy!!

I am now the proud owner of a signed copy of Janel's new book..*The Eclectic Sole* thanks Janel!
It's definitely a keeper.
First of's done beautifully!!
Lovely stories to start off each pattern....&.... I know the author...Wow!!
How lucky am I!!.........Very ;)

I also received a skein of yarn from Nancy C of Chameleon's "Bambino" in the colorway "Dirt"....YUM YUM....Thanks Nancy C....I'm lovin' the yarn!!
I decided to make a pair of socks from Janel's new book.

The pattern is called Jacaranda....and is quite fun & easy to do *both are good things for a person like me who's on the GO!

Here's both the picture from the book and the beginning of my sock! I love them both!

I am SO happy for Janel....knowing that writing is just what she's been wanting to do!
She's got a new one coming out soon as well.
Janel had the *twinkle* in her eye....& a smile on her face...ALL weekend!!
Good to see you Lady.....Congrats

On the trip I finished Michael's new socks.....They fit perfectly and Michael loves the color....the plants won't see him coming! Thanks again to Jackie for gifting us this sock yarn.

It's gonna be a very busy week for me......Next weekend is The Black Sheep Gathering.....YEAH!!
First of all it's close to Home.....Eugene Fairgrounds....
Second...Wonderful Friends are Coming!!'s close to Home!!!
I Definitely will be bringing my camera ;)
I wish you were all here.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Off to Columbus

It's suppose to be Summer here...but it's least not to my way of thinking!
It gets up to 60 degrees...if we are lucky...& that's only for about 10 minutes or so...Ick! The rest of the time it's rainy and gray!
But...what do I care? I'm off to Columbus for the TNNA wholesale show.

All My Bags are Packed...I'm Ready to go.....
This is the song that keeps going through my head

I leave tomorrow morning from Eugene at 6:30 AM. Michael is staying home to stuporvise the work on the barn....get glass work done for our upcoming Black Sheep Eugene
& to make sure that the garden beasts stay away!

I will be in the Chameleon Colorworks booth with Nancy Colburn & Cookie great is that! Nancy & I are rooming together as well...

I looked at the's suppose to be hot & muggy and I am almost looking forward to being too warm! Ofcourse we will be...for the most a cool Convention Center ;)
I'll let you know all about the adventure when I get home! Keep good thoughts that the Buyers are there in swarms!!