Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer is The Best!!

I know, it's been way too long since I posted. I just couldn't until now. I love my blog.
I would go back to the things and have the best of intentions...but nothing would come through.
It's time do another blog post.

It's been a really Good Year! So Far, so Good.
The shows have been good to us. I feel great. We've been working on our place....and it's looking good. I say Thank you for Everything..I have no complaints what so ever.
Heck...I'm glad to be here!! Feeling Good!

Soon it will be time to go to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF)..But we have another month and a half before that arrives.

Right now I choose to enjoy our garden and the beings that inhabit the property with us.
We have a squirrel..named Earl. Many chipmunks...bunnies (they are very good at math).
Michael's garden is coming right along. I have planted a few things myself.
Last night we ate the first batch of green beans and boy were they tasty!
The tomatoes are coming right along. I am sure that we will be doing a lot of canning this season.

It's absolutely beautiful today....Oregon at it's brightest. I think I will go outside and pick blackberries. Perhaps a cobbler....yumm!