Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fun Inside!!

Here's Autumn....the 4 month old. She's driving us crazy!!
It's just, exactly like having a 2 year old boy in the house. Now, don't get me wrong....WE LOVE HER...she has brought fun back into our lives. Just watching her play with the wool swatch that she....FOUND...hiding in my so cute that I can hardly stand it....or...throwing the wool "mouse" in the air and standing on her hind legs batting at it...cracks us up....
But, she's "in heat" now and wants to get petted and loved...ALL OF THE TIME! I guess it's time to call the vet about an appointment...uh oh!!
But, I mean, really, isn't she cute?

This is a lovely new pen that just came out of the kiln....we make glass ink pens as well as circular knitting needles , regular knitting needles and crochet hooks...Notice that beautiful nib that Michael made. It's so georgeous and adds to the over all beauty of the pen. The pens with the new nibs haven't been put onto the site as of yet. Special order item right now.

It's been really cold here. The wood stove has been going full time for the past week. Our wood supply is good and we are very happy about that. We can go a bit longer without having to restock. It's definitely knitting and spinning time.
I finished the scarf for my friend. It turned out great! I'm on my second one in a lime colorway...for another Christmas present.

I also have been making this's an easy knit and fun....We got it from a great free pattern I love this blog...check it out.
These are some images that our webmistress and consumate felted bag designer, Holly sent of ones that she made. She left off the leaves on the pattern and put one of my buttons on the top...I am doing the same. Great for a cold winter's day!
I hope that you are all keeping warm and enjoying this last day of November.....ONWARD to December and Holiday Fun!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

A SNOW day!!

Yep, it's snowing right here in Drain! We were going to go into Eugene today to get glass but Mother Nature has decided that we should stay at home and enjoy the snow. This is the view from our yard at the hills. Don't they look lovely...and cold.

We put up Gift Certificates on our website. This way if your mate would like to purchase something for you for the holidays it will be easy for them and you then can pick it out yourself. Great for friends as well!!

I have decided that it's time I started on my Christmas presents. My friend/older sister Jackie gave me this lovely yarn from Brooks Farm and I decided to make a scarf from Sally Melville's Book 1: The Knit Stitch. It's called "Shape It! Scarf". I am loving both the yarn and the pattern. I just know that my dear friend Karin will love it too! She's a classy lady and I am pleased to have found something that will adorn her neck and keep her warm. Ah yes, I am using a pair our size 8 glass circulars for the project.....ah love!

And here's a basket of roving that I am going to spin up this's from my lovely new friend Melissa at Peace of Yarn. There is mongolian cashmere top, camel, tussah silk sliver and YAK (Michael's favorite).....I think he just loves to say Yak!!
Don't worry Melissa I am sending your lovely basket back to you! ;)

Monday, November 20, 2006

The New York City Adventure

Monday after Stitches East show was over Jackie dropped me off at the train station and I merrily rode into NYC. I was greeted with 70 degree weather and a beautiful Fall day. I met up with our daughter Jennyrose in SoHo. It was such a heart warming blessing to have my "baby" in front of me and close enough to HUG!! We had a lovely dinner in Chinatown and visited.
We took the subway to Brooklyn where she and our grandcats live. This is her street, right off Flatbush....tee hee. I carried my very warm coat that I had bought for the cold.

It was the best time that I could have asked for. Jennyroses' wonderful boyfriend JJ had dinner with us most nights and when I wasn't with Jennyrose I was getting a chance to visit with Manhattan.
I have often heard that you either Love or Hate NYC....and, I say count me amongst the people who are in love with it!!

I went to Columbus Circle, the NYC public Library, trotted around Central Park, walked down 5th Avenue. I wandered into FAO Schwatz (quite the adventure at Christmas time....great bathroom).

I drew and painted in Central Park, went to the Met. Saw the beauty that is Manhattan in all the splendor of Fall.

Jennyrose took the day off on Thursday and we had a fantastic day. We had coffee at the coffee house that is just down a few blocks from where she lives. Then we went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and saw the Annie Leibovitz photography show there. It was awesome!!
That night JJ met us for dinner at a great Italian restaurant right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. We ate pizza and had a great time.

I will remember this visit to NY for all it's warmth and joyous memories. It was a time of grace for me. It is so amazing to me to know Jennyrose, her life, friends, cities and to be able to take a moment of reflection on all that has come before and the promise of what is to be.

Happiest of Thanksgiving wishes to all of gratitude is heaped upon my plate....I say thanks to you all for being in my life and thanks to the Muse of NY for this great adventure!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ain't we got FUN!!

Here we are, the Motley crew!! Okay...... only part of it really! Rod was behind the camera and others of us were out and about......But, we were all having Stitches East 2006. I just LOVE Baltimore!!
What an excellent time...oh yeah......I stole the picture from Lisa and Rod....
The trip there was a definite BEST EVER.
(on the right)....booth mate extraodinare.... and I met up at her home in St. Helen, Oregon the night before the of our angels, her great friend Beth took us to the airport in the morning. We had breakfast and then got on the plane.
Set-up, as usual was a bit of a trial, but Jackie (on the left) newly designated Friend and Angel of the Highest Order (thanks Jen for letting me borrow your wonderful Mom on this trip)..... was there to make us toe the line and get it all together! She said....basically....whatever it takes.....AND she meant it too!!
Lisa and Rod Souza were down the way and......although I speak with Lisa at least a few times a week, it was great to get some good Hugs in there too! Thanks so much to Rod for his help...when I needed it!!!
Melissa from Peace of Yarn showed up on Friday. She's a delight and another person that I just love seeing up close and personal......I got to have dinner with Lisa, Rod, Melissa and Trish on Friday night.
Caroline and her sweet Em came to enjoy the show along with Danna/Faylene and her Queenie sister Ellen. They all had dinner with us on Saturday night. The wait was long but the company made it all worth while!!
The customer's at the show were Wonderful and the sales were GREAT!!
Thanks to all who made it such an incredibly enjoyable and profitable time!!
We are signed up for next years Stitches East show and hope that more new and old friends will be there with us to enjoy the Good Times!!
Tune in tomorrow for the New York City Adventure ;)