Monday, March 19, 2007

What's the Point?

There's so much to do.....
I have a long list which, seems to keep growing even though I get to cross things off as I go along.
One of the things that has been on the list for a while is to take photos of the Double Points that we are now making. The only ones on the site right now are the Lime & Violet dps....we have more colors (Amber Passion, Brilliant Blue, Triple Passion, Lime, Violet, as well as Ruby "Blush"). A full page will be devoted to offering them on the website. I will put them on the blog when I get them photographed.
Holly, our web mistress is going on a much needed vacation until April 15th. I just talked with her and she said that she will put us into the que to take care of this when she returns.
In the meantime, Barb sent us this great photo of socks in progress using our Double Points. I just love how she set it up! She is an incredible knitter and we are honored to call her friend!

This lovely month of March was set aside for working on the house and made plans.....

A year and a half ago, when Kate moved away from home I decided that we would make over her room....into...wah lah....our new computer/office room...simple as that!! Sure Sheila....all you have to do is DO IT!!
I purchased paint from Home Depot the first week of March. It's called Light Taupe...

Last the March was fast clicking off...I started on the room.....First all of the things had to be removed from it....a days work...
Now to get it painted. As you can see I have the help of an experienced Autumn (mostly she stares out the window at the birds...but she says she's helping)...and her tail does come in handy to pick up the spots of paint that have fallen on the floor.

We have decided that we need a vacation as well. We deserve it and we are going to take advantage of an opportunity to go to the California Glass Exchange this year. It's going to be held in San Bernadino, CA....March 29th through March 31st. The list of great glass blowers is mighty! People that we admire!! We will also see some good friends there.....&.....a good time will be had by all!! We are very much looking forward to the respite....and although we will be doing double time before and after the's going to be worth it!!

I hope that all of you are enjoying your pre Spring!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Royal Treatment

Sometimes good things just fall into your lap at just the right moment. Thus is the story of our youngest daughter Kate's "new car".
She has, up to this point been driving our hand-me-down 1979 Volvo...who she loving named Beatrici (she was an Italian in a former life....Kate, not the car).
She has been babying "her" and putting up with all the cars little idiosyncrasies and not complaining much about what a pain it is.
That's Kate for you...she takes after her Dad in this, and many other ways.
She is a lovey doo of the highest caliber!!

The last time that we went into town to help her with the car I said to Michael...."it's time to locate another, better car for Kate!"

She's going to be going to Lane Community College, taking some classes there and she needs something that is reliable!
She's been working for the past year plus as a cashier at PC Market close to her home and when the car broke down she walked in the rain and got rides from helpful people at work.....but I want to know that she's safe and doesn't have to do this.............Momma Bear speaking!!
Michael had his assignment. He started looking on Craig's List.....and that's when the magic happened.
Now I know for most people this Volvo would be an "old car"....but not to us & not to Kate.
Michael was a mechanic in his former life....... he knows a good ol' car when he see it! It had been brought over from Sweden by it's first owners, had relatively low mileage and is in excellent condition.....Plus the price was just right for the artists that we are.
It will last her for quite a long time.....................AND Kate loves it already.
Sometimes the Royal Treatment is knowing that your parents love you enough to spend
their hard earned money!!
AND.....we got to visit with her on her way to and from their first road trip to and from Arcata to visit a very special friend!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yummy Stuff!!

The sky was blue today...the sun shone and all was well with the world. Yeah...things are going on...but It's All Good!!
So I decided to have you take a look at some of the goodies that are lighting up my life right now.
These red & black socks are from our good friend Barb. She made them for me using Lisa Souza's sock yarns and I Just LOVE them! They fit my feet like....well they were made for them!!! THanks So MUch Sweetie You ;)

The second entry are the socks that I made for Michael to wear to Stitches West....they are also made from Lisa's sock yarn....Gendarme color way. They knitted up like a dream and are so amazingly beautiful....okay, handsome. He wore them two days and of course showed them off to Lisa.

This is a lovely skein of Lisa's hardtwist sock yarn in the Emerald City colorway. It will make another great pair of socks for Michael. He had a hard winter on the sock scene and I am working hard to get his supply back up again.
I love this hard twist yarn because I think it will take him a bit longer to...shall I say it....wear them out....Here's hoping (fingers crossed)!!

I am also making another pair of socks with Superwash yarn from my friend Pat Fly of Angora Valley Yarns. This one is from her Monarch hand dyed yarn. She calls it "nasturtium"....beautiful gemstone colors....YUMMY to say the least.
These little beauties will be in my sock drawer!

I do have something else to wrap about!! ;)....
I have been working on my "Moonlight Stole" from Kiparoo Farm. I am really enjoying it. It does act a lot like my curly hair....the longer it gets...the shorter it gets...But then....I'm a Blocker (I block) what do I care? Besides I still have a little less than 2 skeins to go until it's done.

So there you have work is cut out for me...and there's more lurking in the cupboards...I'm ignoring them for right now.
This in addition to getting orders out, amassing large quantities of stock for the Maryland Sheep & Wool, and painting one & a half rooms in our house will keep me quite busy for the month of March.
I'll keep you posted... :)