Friday, June 29, 2007

To Help a Friend!!

While reading Janel's blog today I found out that we all have an amazing opportunity to help a friend. We are all so lucky to have this amazing community of Fiber support one another and help when it's needed!'s needed now!

Annie Modesitt is well known in the knitting world as a designer of beauty!
Her husband Gerry has a health issue that you can read about on her site.

She is asking for donations to help the family during this time....& in exchange we also can benefit...not only from feeling good about helping One of Ours...she is gifting Us with this beautiful lovely.

Please take the time to check into this and be generous. Remember whatever we put out there comes back to us ten fold.

Thanks My Friends ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More...more...I'm Very satisfied!!

We were blessed with many visitors at BSG....
I thought that I would share a few of their content, happy faces with you.
On your left we have Sweet Laura who is a joy to be around!! We got to talk a bit....mostly she was spinning & it should be!
On the right is Sachi & her good buddy..."M"...another set of happy people gathering together at the event! Do they look like they are happy to be there...OR what!!

Our daughter Kate came by on both Friday and Saturday. It was a pleasure to see her.
I handed her my NEW camera & she took some wonderful "art pictures" with it.
One of Barb spinning...and her spinning wheel with the "Woolee Winder" flying around. Beautiful yarn don't you think!

Here's Jen in front of the Spinners Circle on Sunday...quite a line-up of amazing spinners & wheels!
This is some of Jen's spinning that she did during the Gathering. She spun it up....she plyed it...she's amazing!!

This is Mr. Brown.
He was my Favorite Sheep of the show. He was mellow & had the most amazing fleece....Not that I know that much about sheep....but as they say, I know what I like...I could have taken him home with me........"me and Mr. Brown...have a thing going on".....

AND then, as quickly as it began, it was at THE END of Black Sheep Gathering for this year. I do hope that some of you that couldn't be with us this year will make it for the next it is always a great time!!

Thanks to all of you lovely people who write in to my blog and leave a comment...and to those who read but don't comment! I appreciate each and every one of you and I always enjoy reading what you have to say

Monday, June 25, 2007

Baah...baah....back from Black Sheep!

What a lovely weekend!!

It was a whirlwind of activity....with the show, great visits with friends & all of the was over almost before it began!
It's interesting to look forward to an event....all of the planning that goes into it.....all of the expectations....& then it happens & then it's even better than I could have even imagined!!
Here's Michael showing off Trish Anderson of Tanglewood Fiber Creations new Orifice Hook & Trish's reaction to it!
Egging her on is Alexandra...our wonderful friend who makes amazing lazy kate's...which I now am the proud owner of one ;)

As a vendor Black Sheep is a dream! The location is at the Fairgrounds in Eugene with easy access to load-in and load-out. Our booth, always in the same space, is basically right inside the side door....lovely!
Then there's all of our vendor friends waiting to greet us at set-up.....hey, lets face's home ;)
The atmosphere is laid-back Oregon style and it makes the show, for both sides of the event Awesome!!

Add this to having the most wonderful friends who come to visit you & as they say....We were very happy campers!
AND that is Just the beginning......
Barb & Jen came all the way from Seattle to grace us with their presence at Chez Ernst for the weekend.
Thanks you two for making this year's Black Sheep so special!! Coming home with you and Michael at night took my tiredness away ;)

What would a Black Sheep be without this amazing man....I'm in love with Eugene Bugler...can you tell?....what a man!!
Gene does the most wonderful things with tiny tiny yarn and tiny tiny needles.....he's a lace God!!

It was a wild weekend of spinning....the Spinner's circle was in full swing on a constant basis.
Men, Women & Children all having their way with spinning wheels.

Not only was there spinning inside but people were spinning outside as well. After all, it was a truly beautiful Oregon Summer
It was a wonder and a joy to see so many people loving their craft and sharing it so freely with each other.

The animals were, as always a true viewing pleasure! Here's some favorites from the crew!
Time for my nap...I will write more tomorrow!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Next Pigeon....I mean Sheep ;)

This coming weekend, June 22-24th is the Black Sheep Gathering.
It is located in Eugene at the Fairgrounds. It's a lovely show!
A mini Maryland Sheep & Wool.

We love it because:
a. good friends gather!
b. they have animals to see and pet!
c. it's close to home...about a 45 minute drive!

I hope that you are coming...if so please stop by our booth and say Howdy!! If you're not.....there's always next year!!
I will do my best to chronicle the gathering through pictures and, of course, my own slightly biased viewpoint!
Got to get to work now and make goodies for the show!

Thursday, June 14, 2007're it

Welp I got tagged by ChickenChum & normally I don't do this type of thing but since the person who tagged me is such a lovey what can I do?
7 Random Facts about myself:
  1. I am a carbohydrate freak!! Give me two pieces of toast (with butter) when I'm at your house & like a cat I will stay forever!!
  2. I love to paint! It doesn't matter if it's walls or on canvas, it relieves stress and makes me feel like I'm accomplishing a great deal.
  3. My family is what's most important to me of anything in the world.
  4. I am extremely sentimental.
  5. I have a great memory for things that other people seem to have forgotten.
  6. I love comedy, especially sappy sentimental ones!
  7. I am very squeemish when bats are flying around.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Got home late last night from Columbus & a lovely time at our first TNNA experience.
Sharing a booth with Two Fine Ladies!

We had booked a 8'x10' booth for the show thinking that that would be plenty of room for the three strong women....when we got there we realized that 8x10 looks a lot bigger on paper.
At that moment a TNNA Angel flew by...stating that the people next to us had to miss the show...& "would we like to use that booth as well"...Damn I love Angels!!.....WELL YAH!!
So we spread out with Janel's* Chameleon Colorworks in the middle, Cookie A * on one side and our glass work on the other....Perfect!

This was like the Academy Awards of the Fiber industry. There were more Fiber Stars here than anyone could possibly imagine. Very nice people....and I had a chance to visit with folks that I had only heard about. Unfortunately pictures were at a premium as TNNA has a rather strict policy about snapping photos. *Check out Janel and Cookie A's blogs above for more.....

Janel, Cookie and I had a super fun dinner at a local Japanese steak house, right across from the Convention Center on Friday night...then we met up with a group of folks at The Big Bar inside the Hilton Hotel attached to the convention center.
Here is Janel, Erika Kuntz and Margaret Fisher enjoying! Among the crowd was Chris de Longpre of Knitting at Knoon. Truly one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet! She was so welcoming at my first TNNA show in January.

I got to meet the wonderful Cat Bordhi. I had a lovely conversation with her and plan to take one of her workshops in the next year or so.
Lucy Neatby was just down the row from us. She is an amazing talent & a very nice lady. I plan on buying some of her knitting dvds in the near future.
Eunny Jang came by for a visit....and is sweet and wonderful! I can see why she is so highly spoken of!
And on and on it went!!

Across the isle on my side were a lovely couple.....Pino and Ann from Unicorn Fibre Wash. They make Earth Friendly-Biodegradable fibre wash & rinse that makes it EASY to care for raw and finished fibre.
I so enjoyed visiting with Ann on Monday.
She loved our needles and buttons and said that although she hadn't knitted in years she would like to do it again. I got to help her remember the love of knitting.

As I watched these beautiful clouds fly by on my way home I thought of all the blessings that this weekend in Columbus provided for me. It was a good show....both as a vendor and as a person.
I brought home orders & wonderful memories & gratitude!!

I am pleased to be home!!