Saturday, June 17, 2006

Up and Running

Hi out there....which is anywhere beside just outside Drain Oregon. It's a bright sunny day here, the birds are singing, cats are whining for food and I am excited about my new blog! Sitting in front of the computer instead of out in the barn making glass.......which is what I should be doing. Ah goes on.
The main reason I decided to do a blog is so that I can post new pictures & info of the "hot out of the kiln" glass that we are doing. That way you can comment or put your dibs on something that you see, especially while our wonderful web mistress Holly
goes on vacation. Our new "one of a kind" Orifice Hooks can be viewed on this blog until she returns.
OH look here's some new Orifice Hooks now:

Orifice Hook #32............$45.00

Orifice Hook #43............$45.00

To reserve one of these,you can contact us through our email:

Take a look at our web-site


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