Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall in the East.....
What a Fantastic time we had!

We were blessed to get into the NY Sheep & Wool Festival....Happy we were about that!
It's a wonderful show & couldn't happen at a better time of the year!

We arrived in Baltimore in the evening.
Michael had rented a mini SUV...which I instantly fell in Love with.
If I could justify buying a NEW Vehicle...this would be Mine. It got great gas mileage, was Cute....& it held the whole kit and kaboodle for the show....Easily.
*Plus it was silver and matched my hair......*
I think it's the Perfect Sagittarius Vehicle!!

We slept at a very nice up in the morning & got to met up with our Great Friend Jackie. *She's the keeper of the East Coast Booth Supplies....Bless Her!*
It was a short visit...but we will take what we can!
We had a lovely brunch & loaded up the supplies.... headed North to the Hudson River Valley & all it's Beauty!

It took about 6 hours to get to our hotel in Poughkeepsie & every minute of it was Spectacular!

The pictures that I took does not do it justice. If you ever get the chance to see the East in the advice would be to Jump on it!

The grounds for the Fair were expansive and beautiful.
This is a one room school house that is on the property. Everything was kept up so well that it was hard to believe that some of the buildings were over 100 years old.

Our Daughter Jennyrose came up on the train from NY City for the weekend....
What can I say.....IT WAS AWESOME ALL THE WAY AROUND!! Definitely looking Forward to Next Year ;)