Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting ready for BS

Well, we are getting our act together for the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene Oregon this weekend. Eugene is about 45 miles from where we live so unlike many shows we will be able to come home to sleep. Michael and I both appreciate that! Motel rooms just don't do it after you turn 13.
I am going to be taking pictures of the events, animals and friends that will be at BS . I am looking forward to the fair. People from near and far come here. The people who run it are nice, the vendors are awesome and as I have heard alot of others say, "it's nice to get to see the animals." They house the sheep, goats, bunnies and other animals in the building right next to the show.

This is my Caramel Rose Button...brand new and my favorite...for today atleast.
I must go now and glue and such.....Busy, busy....


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