Monday, September 24, 2007

Not Cracked But a little OFFF! ;)

We are home after a marvelous weekend at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.
Another lovely Fall weekend in Canby Oregon. It was quite crowded on Saturday...this is what the Spinner's Circle looked like most of the time. The appreciation of spinning is growing and bringing quite a community together!

friends, good food, animals, learning around the camp fire....GOOD Times!
Barb & Tina, Jen & Sam set up camp and made everyone that came their way.... feel at home and welcome....ahh....what can I say about a safe haven to come to?...BUT..Thanks Ladies ;)
And come we all did!

I must admit..... that you could find me, if you looked, visiting with my friends out at the camp site....talking, eating hot dogs, home grown corn...yumm... and having an absolutely enjoyable time!

Lori (Lo to her friends) & David came down to share in the fun...bringing laughter, a wonderful son & guitars....Michael had a blast playing with David & Thaddeus around the camp Saturday night!!

Anthony, who helped Sam and Jen set up their tent was a welcome visitor.....he's quite a knitter! "No spinning for him", said he....I said, "hang around this crowd long enough and that will change...for sure!

Alexandra & Mataniu, as well as brother Tucker came to OFFF and they ended up enveloped as well on Saturday night.
*Alexandra makes the most awesome lazy kates ever made...check them out!
*Mataniu is a Goddess of the highest form!
*Tucker helped us get our PC working.....thanks for that!

Unfortunately I didn't get snaps of our other most welcome friends & patrons that came to the show....but you know who you are and how much I enjoyed getting to visit with you!!

Here's a few of my favorite things that also showed up around camp....the perfect ears of corn...with fresh made butter...thanks to Barb's folks....& Barb......

The perfect ball of pull...ofcourse....that came right off of Sam's Sweet and talented hands.....She's Amazing!

On Saturday the dark....Barb & I made my first bit of dyed a pot.....on top of the camp stove.....ta da......Beginner's Magic....Colorway #1!

I wish that you all could have been there with us more than Spirit!
I bask in the sheer Joy that I feel!

Now.....Onward to Stitches East!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Off to OFFF

I Know, I's been a while since I've written on my blog.....
I have been thinking about all of you and how much I appreciate you being in my world!!

What's been keeping you in the dark?...Me out of blog commission?
I have been working on the's tedious....and Very TIME consuming!....AND, when I get something to work...ferret it out....It's Bloody Amazing!!

Our Double Points Page and Ordering is UP now....*I get to check this long awaited project to be done....OFF My List...... ;)...See Me Smile!!*

Oh yes....speaking of OFF......OFFF (Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival)....we will be vending at this Fun and Lovely event this coming weekend.....Please, if you get a chance, drop on by!

I Promise that I will write a good blog when I get home from the show ;)....Bye for Now.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Exciting News

Thanks to all of you for writing in about my "Isn't she Beautiful" blog post! I just love reading your comments!

Recently I had been asked by Chris de Longpre from Knitting At KNoon Designs to participate with Janel of Chameleon Colorworks in a collaboration for one of her new designs....Wee-one Welcome Set
It was my pleasure as both of these women are amazing artists. I thought that you would like to see what became of it.

And...then....I also wanted to show you what a beautiful ring Deb made from one of my cabochen/buttons she purchased at the Madrona Fiber Arts Show 2007. Isn't it cool!! Hey, I want one of my very own!!

Here are the buttons that I sent to Vogue....they are going to do an article on buttons in the upcoming Vogue Knitting (my understanding is that it will be the holiday issue)...but I was told that it will be coming out in October......more later on this one

We also sent them Bamboo Knitting Needles...and a few Crochet Hooks for the Knit 1 issue coming out December 4th (My birthday ;)...nice present..don't you think!

Meanwhile we have up dated our Circular Knitting Needle page, with new colors on the Designer Circulars....The Double Point Page is in process and will be...hopefully...up shortly!

Now for some silliness!!
On our recent trip back home we stopped by our old *stomping grounds* San Luis Obispo visit with friends and take a little break. Michael & I strolled around the locals call it...this is Gum Alley where bazillions of students & just plain folks have come to deposit their gum....yep....gum!! Since I was just recovering from my tooth problems I had to make an offering to the great Jaw Goddess....tee hee ;)
Have a great day...y'all!