Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The where with all

I have been "on" for the past week!! Yippee...the burst of energy came through just when I needed it!! Thank goodness.

Stitches East (Our Booth #525) is coming right up here this is the last week for everything to get done, packed up....mailed off to wonderful Jackie (in Baltimore). She's Jen's Mom, and has been kind enough to offer her garage for storage of our shipped boxes ;) Thank you Jackie!!

We have been putting in long days of making work for the show.....filling in the holes, so to speak, of colors and new buttons to charm the masses. Hope it works!

Last week we made these new needles for Lime & Violet. They are whimisical and fun and go right along with their theme. We are pleased to be able to help them get a new microphone for their show (a donation on each of the items sold). Lisa Souza hooked us all up together and it's much appreciated on all ends!

Autumn holds down the fort while we work in the barn....mostly bird watching. She is getting into things now....on the table "counting" my earrings...."helping" Michael cut the tubing for the circular needles...with her teeth. Entertaining us when we come in for a break...with her kitten antics. She's a joy to behold. I know that she will keep Michael busy and Happy while I am away.

This week I also received presents in the form of pictures from friends. This first picture is from Holly (we will have Holly's felted bag patterns at the show). It's a photo of the circular needles she just got from us and the lovely "little devil" yarn that is one of Lisa Souza's colorways. They are meant for each other!!

This photo is from my wonderful friend Barb who made her own pattern up for these lovely socks, also Lisa's color.....on which she placed my buttons. Yummy aren't they!! She's a very creative woman!! Check out her blog.

Well....I will for sure carry my camera with me and hopefully even find the time to take pictures of all the happenings at the Stitches East show. Lots of friends, both old and new. I do hope that some of you will be able to come and see me. Lisa Souza and her husband Rod will be in it with me.
Trish Andersen and I are sharing a booth. She does amazing handspun yarns as well.
It's a community of people that I enjoy and look forward to spending time with. I am excited about it all.

AND....then, after the show, I get to go to NY City....hey baby, THE BIG APPLE!....and visit our daughter Jennyrose ;)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Scrambling around like a madd squirrel

Oyy...go use a very good phrase!! It's been quite a ride here for the past week and we have been BIZZIE as our daughter Jennyrose would say when she was little. Have I, by the way, told you that I get to go and visit her in NY after the Stitches show in Baltimore? I am SO looking forward to that!!
I thought that I would show you a bit of what has been going on around here.....WORK.

Lots of glass circulars...Buttons, new colorways....alot of working on the website....Oh yes, playing with the cutest kitten in the world....And a bit of fun knitting Autumn her very first silly kitten nest...she loves all of the little danglies off the side!!

We, with the help of our webmistress Holly (Thanks!! Holly) revamped our Home Page....added our new line of Lime & Violet circular knitting needles, Double points and Don't Drop Spindles... You will have to check these ladies out. They have a blog, a podcast and thoroughly entertain ALOT of people with their antics and obsession involving knitting. Loads of great information too!!

We also put up our Don't Drop Spindle page with loads of new DDS.

We are in hyper speed getting product ready for the Stitches East show. Got to get out to the barn and work on glass circulars for the show!!
Many thanks for reading my blog and coming along with me on my journey of glass and life. Thanks to all the Angels that come along with me too!! You KNOW who you are. I Love each and every one of you xxooxx ;)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Autumn is Here!!

We all can feel that Fall is here...but now we have Autumn as well. She's our new 3 month old Calico kitten ;). She arrived yesterday via our new and good friend Dan. She has been living with some other lovely people who were taking very good care of her until we were again ready to let a Lovey Doo into our hearts and home...after Smerm left the planet. We were instantly in love with this little being and I am very pleased to say....she with us.

She's the Purrrfect kitten too!....well, except for the ONE time that Michael wasn't giving her enough pets and she decided to climb up his back....but what could she do? She had to get his attention.....Right?
I mean look at this Profile....

She took to the house, making it home in approximately 5 1/2 seconds ;)
First came duh....then a nice bath, followed by a nap on the couch.

I would love to say that this will probably be the last time that you will have to be WOOed by our new Sweetheart but I seriously would be lying if I did!!

AND...try as I might I know that her antics will come into play every now and then. So please bare with me...I'm a new Mom ;)
.....................Oh yeah.... Michael is in Love with her too!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Holy Socks Batman ;) you know how we always show the new socks that we are making? Well, I thought that I would show you my wonderful hubby's "Holy Socks"...I know that holey is spelled holey but....since he is totally into the socks that I make him, I am taking license with the spelling.
These are the very first pair that I ever made him.....and As you can tell he really "loved up" these socks.
I finished his lovely new turquoise socks night (Lisa Souza colorway "Peacock") before last and he has them on right now....but he still can't quite give these up....he says that he is going to find something to do with them? Go figure!! I'm just glad that he enjoyed them for such a long time ;) !

We have been working hard to get the large order of circular knitting needles off to Toni Neil...she's off to Rhinebeck and will have our needles in her booth (A25)....but...we have been getting orders for circulars in 16". I have never done a hat on circulars before so I was wondering how that worked...not very well with straight circulars. We called our LYS (The Knit Shop in Eugene) and asked Jean, the owner, about this. She told us that the needles with small lengths have a bend in the we thought we'd try that out. Here's the first pair. Rather cute don't you think. I plan on casting on a hat to give them a try. Thought I'd show you of future things on our plate.

AND.....I have been doing some my spare time ofcourse....which means that no spinning has been done for a week or more.....Anyhoo.. This is a 75% Shetland Romney and 25% Mohair blend..from my friends at Blessed Creations ( and I am just about to plying stage. Hope that I get the chance to do that soon.

We have been very busy these days. The weather has gotten cool here with fog in the mornings and lovely sunny afternoons. I do believe that we will have our first fire in the wood stove tonight. Actually looking forward to that!! Guess I am giving up on the wish that Summer would stay around a little longer. Fall has brought us bounty of all sorts and I am going to enjoy my days. Hope you are all doing the same ;)

Monday, October 02, 2006

New Friends

We had a visitor yesterday. It's a seldom occurrance and a wonderful treat. This is the amazing Janel Laidman, the editor of Spindlicity. She is quite a woman! Janel is a handspinner, colorist....check out Chameleon Colorworks, editor, wife, keeper of her own blog....The Bee Bonnet Report and a very enjoyable guest!!
She came to interview us for the upcoming magazine.....*gosh, gee...see me kick the dirt* :)....

She took pictures of our work. She is.... ofcourse going to feature our Don't Drop Spindles as well as orifice hooks and buttons..and, and.....It's quite exciting!!
Here are two of the new Don't Drop Spindles that Michael just rolled out his sleeve. They are so beautiful....Fun to look at & Fun to use!! True works of art!!

Our apples are ready for harvesting and it was the perfect time to make a nice apple crisp to share with our new friend. We shared a few hours together and got to know each other. It was great fun!!

We are gearing up to do the Stitches East show in November. I am really looking forward to going to this show. But it makes us Very Busy, Busy......sometimes working at home, we just keep going......This enjoyable Sunday afternoon with Janel was just what the Dr. ordered!! Thanks Janel ;)