Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who Could Ask for a Better Time?

My, where has the Summer gone?
I guess I enjoyed the out of doors so much that I forgot my blog. Oops! Let me catch you up a bit on what went on outside of Drain.

We made a deck on the front of our has been a wonderful addition since the moment the stain dried.

We had visitors who came and enjoyed our new deck with us. This is my beautiful and talented Best Girl Karen..

She and her family came our way on their camping trip. they stayed a few days...
They brought us this wonderful birdhouse.

As we sat on the deck enjoying our coffee one morning we were surprised by...first a bunny, chased by a weasel, followed closely behind by a blue jay....
If I hadn't had witnesses I am not sure I would have believed this story.....and...there were no animals hurt during this adventure! Just Fun!

Here's the Grand Dog, Texas and his Momma during their visit....Another great time!

Our gardening really paid off this year with plenty of delicious bounty. I still have some pesto to put up as well as tomatoes. The herb garden made enough to keep us happy and spiced for the next year.

We had a lovely time at OFFF (Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival) this past weekend...And now we are preparing ourselves for the next adventure....Our annual trip to Rhinebeck New York.
I hope that you all had a great Summer and are ready for a great Fall. Enjoy it in all it's splendor...that's what I intend to do.