Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Critters and Such

Well, it's another beautiful day in Oregon. Thankfully alot cooler than it was during BS. I am finally getting organized. It takes a while after a show for me to get it all back together. I hope that you are ready for more critter pictures. These come via Denise and they are cute as can be. I just love having these little guys for you to look at.

I got word from Lisa Souza she's at Convergence all set up and ready for action. I just hope that she has as much fun as we did at Black Sheep....and makes tons of money. It costs like heck to drive all the way across to the middle of the country. She did it so that she could meet up with lots of the Fiber Traditions folks that live in
that part of the country and have supported in her
creative endeavors. I would imagine that there
will be plenty of folks that will be glad to see
her and her amazing yarns. Rod, her husband is a great guy and those of you that get a chance to meet both of them are very lucky indeed!!
We mailed her out some orifice hooks, shawl pins and buttons to have in her booth. However, she has a pretty good stash of my buttons all on her own.

The kids had such a great time at BS. Obviously both the human kids and the four legged kind. We all need love!!

I really love these pictures Denise....Thank you for sending them for me to put onto my blog!

I enjoyed getting all of the comments from my
blog. Thanks so much.

We are making some new orifice hooks and I hope to have them photographed and up on the site in the next few days....if I can drag myself away from spinning the mohair roving that I purchased from Gayle Schildt, ie....Bear Dog Yarns. I got some at BS and wish that I had gotten more. It's fantastic to spin....and a very groovy colorway......YUMM!!

I have some other people pictures to post, but for today I will leave you with these wonderful animals of the Black Sheep Gathering.


At Wednesday, June 28, 2006 7:22:00 PM, Blogger Kim in Oregon said...

Did you meet the suri alpaca named Christopher Robin? I fell in love with him!

Will email you 'our' pic soon.

At Thursday, June 29, 2006 8:32:00 AM, Blogger Sheila E said...

No Kim I didn't get to meet him, do you think he will be at the next BS? I will be sure and look him up.

At Thursday, June 29, 2006 12:34:00 PM, Anonymous sam@samwhatam.com said...

Oh, jealous jealous jealous - that's what I am. Thanks for posting the pics, Sheila - love the fiber critters. :-)

At Saturday, July 01, 2006 10:43:00 AM, Blogger Barb said...

I love all the pictures! What tallented phtographers you and Denise are! Thank you both so much. I bought three mohair rovings from Bear Dog Yarns. They are gray and tan huges and I can hardly wait to get them spun so I can make a felted bag out of them. I'm going to try for a thicker yarn, which isn't easy for me anymore. I'll have to use my thinking cap a bit more to get it right. It will be fun to spin for sure. It's so shiny! Looking forward to the glass pics! I love those - you have such a good eye for capturing them in your photos. I LOVE my orific hooks, and my wheel gems. I was outside spinning last night and they were glistening in the twilight. It was such a lovely way to end a tough week.


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