Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My BAD!! Bad Blogger....Bad!!

Okay enough said on that subject! It's not like I haven't been up to anything! I've been enjoying the beeutifull weather that we have been graced with in the PNW!! Yippee & Yahoo!!
Taking full advantage of it...while it lasts!

Michael's garden is fully awesome....he's Really done it this time. Whenever Michael puts his mind to something it gets done in the best way possible.
I couldn't resist going out and taking pictures of the beauty that is his new passion!
This is a close-up of a leek ball........WOW!!

And this is the very center of a zucchini flower....isn't it magnificent....Mother Nature is the best artist I know....Hard to believe that it will soon be transformed into a long green veggie...and then zucchini bread....&/or stir fry....soup......Anyway.....Yumm & Ahhhh!

My list of accomplishments for this past while include:

1.Cleaning out the area behind our house....(finding all sorts of interesting things....some I have decided to gift to the Starvation Army....& some I have claimed back from the bowels, cleaned up and found a new home for in our house.)

2. Starting 4 pair of socks.....(I know, there are only 3 socks pictured here...but that's all that would easily fit in the picture ;)

3. Went through my stash of yarns, organized them....taking some to the Goodwill for someone else to enjoy.
Oh yes...I also took other things too! I love dropping things at with those lovely folks to recycle.

4. Painting an arbor for our climbing rose & clematis to grow on....they will have to share...& Yes it is RED! I figure that there is enough green in the PNW to handle it! It's not quite done yet....but I figure that tomorrow...when Daniel comes we can put it together and UP ;)
It's been a test of my painting endurance....loads of little nooks & crannys to paint 4 times each....this is only 1 of the 3 pieces it takes to make up the arbor.

5. I managed to photograph some of Michael's marbles & made a whole new web page for them.....It must have been the right way to spend my time as we received an order for 2 of them the very next day ;)

6. Getting ready for a visit from our daughter Jennyrose ;) She's coming to visit for a few days....& that means that our daughter Kate will be out here too!
So....for now...I will leave you with these 6 things to let you know what I have been up to....
No Lounge Lizardering here ;)
I do hope that you are enjoying your Summer & Thanks for reading My Doings!