Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday at Black Sheep

We had a wonderful sunny day to welcome in Blacksheep this year. We live 45 miles from Eugene so we had to head out at about 7am to get there and finish setting up. The drive in was exquisite. Bright blue sky, green summer growth everywhere. It was a joy.....especially with a fresh hot cup of joe in my hand and Michael driving!! We almost got set up by 10 and here everyone came.

This is my friend Alice who came all the way from the San Franciso, to attend the Black Sheep Gathering this year. There she lovingly takes care of her twin grandchildren and.....yes, at 75 she can still keep up with them.

Jen showed up from Seattle with her wonderful Mom who came all the way from Maryland. It was so good to see their lovely faces and to get Hugs from them. We got a chance to visit for a while before they ran off to load their car with all sorts of great things that they got at the show. That's my husband Michael in the middle, enjoying being a leaf between two roses.

These are the two teams who were competing in this years Sheep to Shawl contest. It was amazing to think that a beautiful shawl could be made in less than one day....but they did it. By two in the afternoon the judging had been finished and the winner was announced. Both of the shawls are diplayed and I will attempt to get photos of both of them tomorrow. Everyone who participated had a great time.

The lovely Becky teaching silk fusion. She is a very creative artisan who has won numerous awards for her crafts.

Well that's it for this session. There was much more fun and things that I could tell you about today....but it's late and I must rest my weary bones.
And tomorrow is another BS day.....


At Saturday, June 24, 2006 10:16:00 PM, Blogger jenknits said...

Dear Sheila,
We were so glad to see you and Michael again! We made it home safely and have been having a good time playing with our new toys. Alex loves his goat face soap. I hope you are having a great time through the rest of the show. My Mom says, "see you in Baltimore"!



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